Seamless integration with your desktop and an even more facile data input into the biodiversity database.

Desktop-like entities: myBiOSis environment emulates desktop systems with addition of three types of entities: file icons, shortcuts, and folders.
File icons (1 in figure below) are small thumbnails of images that are uploaded on server, but are not yet part of the Nature Digital Object Repository (NDOR) biodiversity database. These files may stay indefinitely on server until they are processed as observations and entered in NDOR database. Once integrated in database, the file icons become image shortcuts. The shortcuts (2 in figure below) have the same appeareance as file icons (small thumbnails with a label beneath), but the label is changed from the name of the file to the determination of organism or title of habitat image. A double-click on a shortcut opens the image details window with all information about its observation (locality, date, determination etc.). Shortcuts may be created also by dragging thumbnails from image search window on to desktop or folders. Folders (3 in image below) are exactly what you know from regular desktop systems: organizational entities that can hold files, shortcuts, or other folders.

Customizable folder structures: unlimited trees of nested folders.
You may create and explore your own folder structure in myBiOSis environment. Create a folder by right-clicking on the desktop surface and clicking on the context menu item called "create folder". Each folder may contain other folders, shortcuts to images in NDOR database, or icons of uploaded image files. Each of these entities may be renamed using the context menu item called "rename...". Homonymous names are allowed for folder and shortcut names.

Seamless integration with your desktop: drag & drop of image files from your desktop straight to myBiOSis desktop or folders.
You may select one or multiple image files from your computer storage and drop them to myBiOSis desktop or any of the folders you create inside myBiOSis environment. The upload of files begins instantly without any upload forms being involved. You can organize your trip images into a folder structure. There are no limitations or constrains on how you should organize your images. Just follow the organization system that you like or are used to. Furthermore, you can change this structure at any time.

We tried to emulate as much as possible the feeling of a regular desktop. You may drop entities not only on surface of desktop or folder windows, but also on folder icons as well.

Even more facile data input: several new ways of inputing images into database are provided with this update: drag of file incons from desktop or folders to data entry forms, drag of file incons to image details window.
A drag of a file icon to a data entry form would populate the open form with that image.

A drag of a file icon to an image/observation detail window would add that image to the current observation.

All these updates are made with the main aim of facilitating data input into NDOR biodiversity database allowing you at the same time to keep information organized as you like or are used to. For example you may organize images/observations by date, field trips, or group of organisms and concomitantly you may integrate these data with the search functions of the main database or take advantage of organism identification tools and the improved quality control of your data via community interactions. It should be FUN. Isn't it?

Note: All these addtions were tested and expected to work only on Google Chrome or Firefox browsers (up-to-date versions)!

07-Nov-2012 greendorf

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 Seamless integration with your desktop and an even more facile data input into the biodiversity database.
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