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The main goals of the Association myNature is protection and preservation of the flora and fauna, the natural environment in Romania.

The objectives and activities of the Association myNature are:

  1. the study and protection of flora and fauna, the natural environment in Romania

  2. informs and promotes the public's interest in knowing the flora and fauna and nature protection through specific means

  3. develops the informational infrastructure, databases and software on the topic of knowing and studying the biodiversity and nature protection in Romania

  4. initiates, organizes, raises funds, funds scientific research, proposes and carries out specific programs and projects

  5. publishes scientific and informative materials on the flora, fauna and the environment

  6. organizes conferences, symposiums and other events for informational and scientific purposes

  7. attracts and supports those who want to initiate in and perfect their knowledge about nature and bioinformatics applied to study biodiversity

  8. maintains permanent contacts between the members of the Association myNature, the public and researchers in the fields of natural sciences and the environment

  9. informs through publications on the work done and the results achieved

  10. provides assistance in the field of bioinformatics to institutions or enterprises which request such assistance

  11. participates in actions of conservation of flora, fauna and the environment

  12. buys or takes land in concession for the establishment and management of reserves for the study and protection of natural habitats. Buys degraded land in order to return it to the natural circuit

  13. establishes biodiversity and environmental protection data and research centers

  14. collaborates with national and international institutions and authorities on issues of protection and conservation of flora, fauna and the environment. Monitors the implementation of laws regarding the protection of nature and implements them in cooperation with governmental and nongovernmental bodies

  15. intervenes and participates in decision-making at national and local level with regard to activities that could have implications on the environment

  16. participates in the development of strategies and their implementation, in order to protect biodiversity and the environment in general

  17. will carry out any activities permitted by law, necessary to achieve the proposed goals

Association myNature can popularize its activity by:

  1. fairs, exhibitions, conferences, information sessions, symposia, workshops and other activities with informational character

  2. promotion of the Association through the media

  3. posters, leaflets and other promotional materials