mybiOSis & Nature Digital Object Repository

Now an over 11 years development, the project is building an online Nature Digital Object Repository (NDOR) with a focus on inventory and monitoring of species and habitats. In its own kind, this biodiversity resource is the most advanced online development in Romania: NDOR holds well documented organism images, occurrence observations, name citations from scientific literature, vernacular names, species special statuses (from published Red Lists, Habitat directives, and exotic species reports), illustrations of plant associations, habitats and landscapes etc.

Currently, the taxonomic and geographic scope is global, which means the same infrastructure may handle & serve information about species anywhere in the world.

NDOR is populated and queried via an online interactive environment called mybiOSis toolkit (2015-2016 version kladOS) that emulates the interface of a desktop operating system. This environment allows an integrated view of a flexible selection of web applications within a single user interface, thus easily accommodating the requirements of various projects and usertypes. Although most of the original myBiOSis modules are developed for recording species occurrences and phenotypic features, a step forward is the development of research toolkits (as Virtual Research Environments - VREs) that could take advantage of the accumulative body of biodiversity data, integrating local applications, as well as remotely distributed automated workflows, and supercomputing facilities. Through VREs, mybiOSis has a potential, not only in opening new research paths, but also in helping decision-makers to take effective measures in protection and conservation.