Dichotomous Keys

The mybiOSis environment includes specific tools for running and building dichotomous identification keys. These are single-access key also called analytical or pathway keys in which the sequence and structure of identification steps is fixed by the author of the key. At each point in the decision process, multiple alternatives are offered, each leading to a result or a further choice. This type of identification keys are the most common form of keys that currently can be found in taxonomic scientific literature.

We are currently adapting dichotomous keys from scientific literature using a versatile tool for building electronic keys. You are invited to join this effort and start building identification keys for the group of organisms that you work on. For example you can pick one title from the Faune de France collection and start building a key that will be available for whole community, or you can start defining your own identification key based on your original text and illustrations.

Below there is a list of available titles.

Ptychodactiaria, Corallimorpharia, ActiniariaA survey of the Ptychodactiaria, Corallimorpharia and Actiniaria
Amphibia, ReptiliaCheie de identificare a amfibienilor și reptilelor din Romania - Sos Tibor 2012
OrthopteraCheie pentru determinarea speciilor de ortoptere din estul Romaniei - Ionut Iorgu 2012
BuprestidaeColéoptères Buprestides. Faune de France. Théry A. 1942
BuprestidaeDeterminator Buprestidae - 2015
SilphidaeDiagnose d’une famille de fossoyeurs: les Silphidae - Pierre Hastir & Charles Gaspar 2001
FungiFungi of Europe - in development
MiridaeHétéroptères Miridae - Wagner & Weber, 1964
HeteropteraHétéropteres Aquatiques - Poisson R. 1957
HeteropteraHeteroptera: Pentatomoidea - Kis B. 1984
OdonataOdonata. Cheie ilustrată de determinare a subordinelor, familiilor și unor genuri din fauna României - Manci C. O. 2012

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