The database of is populated and queried via an 100% online environment called mybiOSis toolkit. The toolkit User Interface (UI) philosophy is to keep participants in a familiar area by emulating the feeling of a desktop environment. Although the windows/applications loaded in this environment follow general rules in terms of organization, mybiOSis toolkit is nothing like a regular website: it does not have a rigid structure/template that is seen in most portals/webpages. We choose this type of interface mainly because:

Although the software development initially focused primarily on recording occurrence observations & phenotypic information of taxa from members and scientific literature digitization, with time, other applications were developed for aiding identification of taxa (ID keys : dichotomous keys, visual keys etc.), producing maps, managing projects data, managing scientific literature, outreach of projects to classic web, mobile data collection etc. With UBA project the water quality assessment prototype tools were added. The array of applications may increase without restrictions with addition of new projects.

Particular for mybiOSis environment are its tools for interaction among members: activity by the minute, forum, Facebook integration like login/digital object dissemination etc. These both assure cohesion among participants activities as well as a quality control of deposited digital objects. In a sense, mybiOSis toolkit interface has a structure that emulates portals for social interactions, but it integrates them within the realm of biodiversity and taxonomy tasks. This enhances the productivity of the project in general or of separate tasks in particular.


The current version of mybiOSis toolkit is called kladOS. For this version the software library that renders the desktop and its windows was entirely written by us so that we have more control on the behavior of its UI components. Some distinctive features of the new version are:
classic NDOR view UBA view

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