Birds of Romania [never_ending]

This is a group project open for anybody ranging from professional or enthusiastic specialists to any person that just happen to have some mushroom observations, but does not have any other special interest in birds. Open the project details, click on the tab called "Project members"  and join (if you are inside myBiOSis environment).

The aims of this project are to:
- illustrate each bird species from Romanian in visualKeys, and build species pages where information is available.

- gather distribution data for birds in Romania and build maps. 

- index all literature that document occurrences of birds in Romania.

- index species citations in scientific literature and georeference occurence records from published records.

- assemble a checklist for Romania (this is an inevitable by-product of points above). 

If you are from another country, and would like to build something similar, just create another project. You could benefit from data already a starter. visualKeys are global in geographic scope, so species shared by several countries are treated is not necessary to write twice the same species page!!! For the rest, take advantage of the whole infrastructure and build your own country dataset, build your own page in blogosphere with your colors logo and details...and voila, you have a project running in no time.

For functions and modules that may be appropriate for bird pages just drop an email or message in forum. We can build and integrate these modules sometimes in very short time. Just give it a try! 

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Members of this project

Adorian Ardelean

Ioana-Noemy Toma

Elena-Gabriela Negrea

Dan Stanescu

Gabriel Gigea

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